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History of DVC book donations - updated 3/8/2022

Posted by Boyd Harrison on October 14, 2015 at 10:30 PM


DVC School Book Donation History:



• Moline Elementary



• McKinley



• Davenport (20 schools)

• Orion


2001- 2005 no donations


2006: Iowa

• Northeast (Goose Lake)

• Bennett

• Walcott

• Geneseo


2007: Illinois

• Annawan

• Cambridge

• Sherrard


2008: Iowa

• Calamus (Calamus – Wheatland)

• Clinton (Bluff)

• Durant (Durant – Bennett)

• DeWitt (Ekstrand)

• Wilton (Wilton)


2009: Illinois

• Prophetstown

• Port Byron (Bardare Peterson Elementary)

• Erie (Holly Weaver Elementary)

• Camp Point

• Alexis


2010: Iowa

• Columbus Junction

• Delmar

• Tipton

• Lost Nation

• Preston



2011: Illinois

• Annawan

• Eugene Field, RI

• Carbon Cliff/Barstow

• Colona

• Coal Valley: Bicentennial


2012: Iowa

• Cody

• Blue Grass

• Buffalo

• Malberry

• Walcott


2013: Illinois

• Coal Valley Bicentennial

• Orion: Hanna

• Prophetstown

• Erie

• Morrison Southside


2014-2015: Iowa

• Camanche

• Parkview (Neil Armstrong )

• Princeton (Virgil Grissom)

• Tipton

• Lowden


2015-2016: Illinois

• Illinois City

• Taylor Ridge

• Rock Falls (Montmorency CSD#145)

• Tampico


2016-2017: Iowa

• Donahue (John Glenn)

• Eldridge (Edward White)

• Long Grove (Alan Shepard)

• Miles (Easton Valley CSD)

• West Branch


2017-2018: Illinois

• Cambridge

• Geneseo: Millikin

• Geneseo : Northside

• Milan: Ridgewood

• Orion: CR Hanna


2018-2019: Iowa

• Bennett

• Durant

• Eldridge (Edward White)

• Walcott

• Wilton


2019-2020: Illinois

• Sherrard

• Prophetstown



• Taylor Ridge

• Illinois City



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